Despoina - "WINGS OF PRIDE" / Poem

Tuesday, 30 /8/2011
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"Wings of pride"
Poem by: Despoina Theodoridou

Wide wings of pride, embrace the eternal blue.

Sharp look of brown, sizes the panoramic view.

Delicate, white traveler, wanders above the darken sea.

Restless spirit, conquers the ocean spice.

Gentle, white Feathers, caress the ethereal streams,

Carefree, proud figure, travels through seven seas,

Into the morning light; diving in salty dreams!

My little dreamer, you bring my yearnings into life!

Take me away with you to fly to most distant destinations.

Immerse me into the sphere of mysteries’ cognition.

Let free my mind to wander!

You guide my soul into the azure sky;

Let it imbibe a sip of wisdom, into my life's morning dew.

Copyright 2011 Despoina /“Wings of Pride”/All Rights Reserved.

This poem "Wings of Pride" is my entry for dVerse~ poets pub Open Link night-week 7   30/8/2011 


  1. You've folded quite a few intricate rhymes together with some interesting and buoyant ideas for a very enjoyable piece. We all need to free our minds to wander.

  2. I flew right along with each word...wonderful

  3. This piece really did fly right along, every line flowing into the next, nicely done!

  4. Any poem that's got the words "my little dreamer" in it is a winner to me!

    My little ocean dreamer on feathered blue glory.


    Love your silver rain blog.

  5. Debbie, really nicely done. Lots of really good images set up in the first half of a line, followed by some wonderful descriptions/action/reflection in the second half of each line. Thanks for sharing:)

  6. It flowed so nicely and was so wonderful to read thank you for sharing