Debbie-T : The eye of an eagle


The eye of an eagle

Poem by Debbie-T 

Molded by Poseidon’s palm,
Sculpted with the fire of the Sun,
Named after the fierceness of the wind

to rip  illusion’s face,
to crush  fear’s defense;

to enter into the spirit’s light,

to rest its vision,
inside Serenity’s temple.

Only a distant  echo lies by the seashore,
where, earlier, the sword  wandered
through the corridors of pain,
to conquer
the Crown of the soul.

reflected, silver  moon…

I look at the Eye of an Eagle.

Into that eye
I got lost;
out of space and time.

It seemed only for a second
which lasted an eternity.

#Spiritual #Awareness #Poetry

  “The eye of an eagle” ©Debbie-T 2014 
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  1. I have only seen them on photographs.. and you are right there is an amazing depth in the eyes of an eagle..

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and for your kind comment, Björn :) What I describe within this poem is about the eyes of a kind, humble, and very charismatic person that I had the luck to meet about a year ago. I have never seen a look with such debth and calm strength in any human's eyes in my life. And that person was the inspiration for me to write this poem to express my gratitude for the unconditional and genuine kindness that he showed me.

  2. I find it amazing when we find the spirit of an animal in the gaze or actions of a human. To be captured by such a gaze or to know such a person is a rare gift. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  3. This is a lovely reflection on the inner journey that some of us are blessed to make ~

    I specially like:

    to enter into the spirit’s light,

    to rest its vision,
    inside Serenity’s temple.

  4. Molded by Poseidon’s palm... very nice!

  5. A flower, a myth, an eagle ( I saw a bald eagle soaring by the other day on a long cycling ride - and they are spectacular ) - isn't it amazing how belief can infuse us with confidence. I liked this poem.

  6. Amazing experience. You describe it well.

  7. And truly the reality is.. we too are the eye of the eagle.. take away the abstract written language.. culture and religion and we too are children of the God of Nature honed in for survival and cooperation with the eye of the eagle and tiger... always ready for the challenge of now... that is survival for life...

    How far we have come
    and how far we are lost...

    no longer are many
    the eye of the eagle or tiger