"Lola, the lonely doctor"

You can buy my children Book: "Lola, the lonely doctor"


Every living being on this planet
is unique and gifted in its own way,
with its own abilities. This is why we
must never underestimate or despise
anyone. A little skunk, through her
generous love, gives a good lesson
to her friendly surrounding!

Read and excerpt from this book:
"....His hurt feet were healthy as before and the lion was happy again.
King Nikitas invited her over for a cup of tea in his den and offered her a bowl of  fresh-cut berries!

I owe you my gratitude, I owe you my respect!
Tell me, how can I repay you for your great help?
What is it your service requires?
What is it that your heart desires?

And when little Lola entrusted him with the only problem burdening her heart, he said:
Don’t be upset, Lola, I’ll work my mind,
and I promise you: a solution I will find!

King Nikitas said and showed his friend the way out.
Indeed! The King sent the monkey right away to alert all the animals of the forest:

Hear hear hear, all the way to the border,
our dearest King’s new order:
There’ll be in the evening an important meeting!
Go ahead and guess, all of us are guests!
We are meeting at the plane tree to hear,
hear His Majesty's words and cheer.
Absences are not accepted, but being met with much dislike:
forbidding of food and trips alike!
Meet you there tonight, make sure you behave right.
There is room for no disorder in our King’s the great order!

When all the animals were gathered, the proud King, the lion, also showed up ".......


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