“Into their eyes” Poem by: Despoina

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“Into their eyes”
Poem by: Despoina  

He was an Elf...
She was a Fairy...
His eyes; a gentle ocean
Her eyes; a chestnut tree.

They met in a yellow forest
She looked into his eyes,
reaching his noble soul.
He looked into her eyes,
unfolding her deepest pages.

Their eyes talked;
 Hers, calling his name
His, calling hers
Both names sounded similar…

They didn’t speak.
Only kept looking
each other’s eyes
into each other’s depth
into each other’s truth.

 Into their eyes
the question met the answer.

Their hearts talked,  
sharing a thousand words
  only in a few minutes’ time…

Holding hands,
They touched their lips
Kissing each other’s soul.

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  1. Sheer lovliness and magic :))

  2. smiles...magical write...and a beautiful love....

    hey did you get that song done? whats up with that?

  3. awww this is lovely...so tender...and sprinkled with fairy dust..