Despoina- “Dionysus and Aphrodite”- Allegorical Poem

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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“Dionysus and Aphrodite”

Allegorical Poem by: Despoina 

Are feeding their love’s appetite
Exchanging tempting Trochees
Blending sweets and toffees
Dionysus and Aphrodite

While resting on a Kline
Tempting their palates with wine
They learn the lover’s Alphabet
Gambling their nudeness on a bet
Dionysus and Aphrodite

They taste the grape’s sweetness
  To nourish their soul’s completeness
Laying in silk and ebony
Erasing time’s memory
Dionysus and Aphrodite

On Tethrippons of ecstasy
Swirling pirouettes of fantasy
Intoning flavored Dithyrambs
Tickling their tongues; sipping Iambs
Dionysus and Aphrodite

Unfolding ribbons of their flesh
Following dance steps of a thresh
Crawling in sunsets’ sensual potion
Devouring driblets of emotion
Dionysus and Aphrodite

Copyright ©2011 Despoina / “Dionysus and Aphrodite” /All Rights Reserved.

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  1. I'm more and more impressed with your works, debbie. love how you capture "sensual" in your works :)

    bummy / monty

  2. Yiassou Despoina! Haroumeni deutera:) Just beautiful poem and who else that could be than Dionysos and Aphrodite:)
    Sou euhomai na ehis mia iperohi mera parakalo!

    Matti aka Paros

  3. A very sensual piece and really liked the mythical backdrop as well.

  4. nice..some great word play in this and sensuality for sure...learning the lovers that is a lesson i never grow old of...smiles.

  5. lovely word play.
    love the imagery, smart write.

  6. so full of imagery and such an excellent write glad I came back with a little time to read some more of this weeks entries

  7. The love of gods and goddesses..... what could be more beautiful? Each stanza here is alive with visions that just evoke young, beautiful love..... Very pretty Despoina..

  8. Romantically beautiful, sensually moving, love the flavor of the era. Lovely work of art.