Despoina - " I WISH " Poem

Thursday, 8/9/2011

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Poem by: Despoina  

I’m looking at the mirror that’s hidden in the sleepless
eye of my soul

I see a sparkle that burns and rips my flesh

It speaks a thousand unspoken words

It yells the truth I fear

About the life I love,

the life I dream of,

the life I wish for…

I wish

to run away from my misery

to seek colorful rainbows

to inhale the morning dew

to bask in sunshine

to love in sunsets

to walk in the soaked sand

to whisper to the salty waves

to play with the wind

to dance with the rain

to shout at bright thunders

I wish

to wander in blossomed fields

to smile at happy red roses 

to laugh along with butterflies

to talk to innocent daisies

to taste the fruits of spring

to dream along with stars

to sing to the silver moon.

I wish

to drink the wine of joy,

to taste the ambrosia of life!

I wish to live…

I wish

Poem by: Despoina Theodoridou ©8/9/2011 Despoina   /“I WISH”/
All Rights Reserved.

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  1. This is beautiful...I love to see the range and styles of other writers and sometimes you find grande writers/poets. Your poetry creates emotion that I write is still pounding in my head. I am now following...Thank you. Great write.

  2. amazing! let us wish together...