Despoina - "Illusion"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Poem by: Despoina  
In midnight’s silent latest hour
She’s walking to the beach.
Scented in summer jasmine breeze;
Form succulent, as peach.
Attired in chiffon-white dress,
Each strap thin like a thread.
The salty air keeps cuddling her,
Allures inside her head.
She slides out of her fine dress,
Exposing gifted grace.
Distant inflections, billowy shouts
Forebode of a well-known face.
Abysses’ black, etching her skin,
Adorns the ‘water nymph’.
Closing her eyes, she fantasizes
To live in her knight’s myth.
He’s riding on a savage horse;
asking to find her shape.
Determined, in insatiable look,
He yearns to touch her nape.
He anchors on her tender lips;
He lifts her in one arm.
Indulging of his handsomeness,
She succumbs to his charm.
He holds her tightly, cheek to cheek;
She barely can breathe.
 Heated desire exhales her bust;
Condemned, she starts to seethe!
‘Venus’ and ‘Mars’, infusing love;
 Stars keep composing airs.
 Ignited in eternal love,
‘They’ walk to heaven’s stairs.
Consumed in dream of knight’s myth
  She runs of her seclusion.
Opens her eyes to realize
She lived through an illusion.
Copyright ©2011 Despoina   /The“Love Essence” Collection / “Illusion” /All Rights Reserved.

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  1. i wonder at times about waking up to illusions...the knight is classical and romantic and a dream i hope many receive...

  2. oh, a romantic mystical and sultry tale. I enjoyed it.

  3. Some dreams come true...hope this one does for her.

    Loved the knight, romance & sensuality of this piece.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Now this is an illusion I wouldn't mind having, hot about hotNow this is an illusion I wouldn't mind having, hot about hot

  5. AHHH!!! Lovely illusions... and till the end it created a fairy tale vision... and a dream.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  6. This is a totally beautiful dream,but if this kind of dream would become true,so why not,let we dream still my friend Despoina parakalo:)