Despoina – “Seduction”

Wednesday, June 8/2011

Poem by: Despoina  

A lady spider fools around,
While weaving her wide web.
Gossamer threads, like strings they sound;
   Behold the proud “Deb”!

She’s anxious and unstoppable;
She’s vicious, with no dread.
Her endurance, more than unbeaten,
She’s poison to spread!

And soon enough, new visitor
Will enter her domain.
The secret that she’s yet to know,
In battle of doubtful gain!

He’s dressed in black, like fearless knight;
He’s ready to assail.  
His limbs with pinchers twice as strong,
Determined to prevail!

Admiring his magnificence,
She walks her destination.
She, dazzled of his confidence,
 Consents with admiration!

Dancing in “ Tarantella’s” steps,
She’s flirting with his charm.
Impatient, having no defense,
She’s not seen any harm!

Intruder with heart made of steel,
He raises his vertebrate tale!
He nails her with a poisonous sting,
Wrapping her in a black veil!
Copyright ©2011 Despoina   / "Seduction" /All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Oh what a tangled web... or Deb. "She’s poison to spread!" smiles Very cool play with meaning throughout.

  2. yikes...beware the one that makes you put your guard down, esp in ones own web...well formed ma'am...

  3. very clever and imaginative way to describe 'seduction'...and i do believe there are many people who have thought themselves to have the tactfulness of a spider...your poem's imagery and analogies had me trapped inside of it...!!

    good write...


  4. Very creative seduction.

  5. Some can seduce
    Every which way but loose
    Such as a spider does
    Some do it just because
    Great use of the spider and it's trap
    Taking on the seduction wrap