Despoina - “Guide me”

Saturday June 4/2011

“Guide me”
Poem by: Despoina 

Red-hot crowned majestic God,
    Spread your shining glance upon me,
     Imbue me with light of truth!
      Guide me to the path of wisdom,
Teach me through your soul’s depth!
       Fill me with your endless knowledge;
Warm me with thy spirit’s wealth.
Set my mind on verse of wander,
Widen my pondering horizon.
Unveil to me the land of Grace;
Bless my life with your embrace!
©Despoina 2011/"Guide me"/All rights reserved.


  1. a true sun worshiper's philosophy :) and well-done too, debbie :)

    monty / bummy

  2. Α truly wisdom poem!!
    Excellent dear Debbie!!
    Thank you a lot ;-)