Despoina – “The Sweetest Cherry”

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

 “The Sweetest Cherry”
Poem by: Despoina  
In summer time’s the shiny dawn,
   A cherry tree awakens on lawn.
His greenish leaves are flirting shy,
His branches bended down in sigh.

I yearn to taste along with thee,
The cherries of your blossomed tree.
Red juiced fire that burns my soul,
Erupting senses, whispering: “more!”

My guitar’s air, tries to subdue
the midnight’s weep, longing for you.
You bind my heart with just one word;
Defining love in your reword.

The sweetest cherry from my palm
Mellows in mouth like precious balm;
Nourishment for a famished man,
for woman’s love's gentle like flan!
The sweetest cherry from your lips;
Small bites caress my fingertips.
 Love beaded vows, till we are apart;
 Take it, my love, guard it in heart!
Copyright ©2011 Despoina “The Sweetest Cherry”/All Rights Reserved.

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  1. smiles...gentle like flan...i hope that he does guard it...and i do love some cherries...

  2. What a desert ~ the love of a good woman. Thank you for sharing your poem.

  3. Love and cherries..what could be better :) nice write.

  4. Yes should be guarded and a few cherries never hurt either.

  5. The love of a good woman is all he needs for dessert...the cherries would be extra topping!

    Nice One Shot.

    Here's mine:

  6. Nice piece in quatrains.. your meter is strong and underscores the content

  7. Succulent and sweet
    these poems are a delight to the senses