Despoina - “SEPPUKU”

Monday, May 23 /2011

POEM by: Despoina  

An “Uguisu” praises the springtime’s beauty,
Early in the morning’s fallen dew.
A man’s fulfilled unpleasant duty,
To weep his friend who’s dressed in blue.

Eyes filled with teardrops,
Soul painted black!
A pure true friendship that had no luck!

Whispers and sobs are coming out,
Weaken low voice, unable to shout;
Why such an ending to this life?
Death has unsheathed its blooded knife!

“My dearest friend, this is the end!
No purple sunsets for your eyes,
No distant dreams to compromise
Only the path of inner light,
  In Heaven’s one, eternal life! ”

The silver sword, already cold,
Has spoken out its one last word:
“The love that heart could never find,
Consists in life’s deficient bind.”

Copyright ©2011 Despoina / “Seppuku”/All Rights Reserved.

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  1. such sadness. i had to look up the words 'seppuku' (oh my!) and 'uguisu' to understand better. there is nothing like unexpected loss.

  2. ugh, so sad...the ritual suicide...and what for...and what left behind...

  3. a hauntingly beautiful rendition of a "violent and final act" I read the words' defintions too before reading. you've a talent beyond measure, dear lady :)

    Monty / bummy

  4. for asian people, losing their face is the worst thing in the world and i think we europeans or americans just can't understand and look behind that net of traditions that sometimes bind people. a difficult topic but well executed