Despoina - “ Echo of your silence ”

Tuesday May 31/2011

Echo of your silence”
Poem by: Despoina 

A   purple colored fading sun!
I’m breathing in its view!
I struggle with unsettled thoughts
In evening’s chilly dew.

Drawing in sand with my bare feet
The emptiness of heart.
Recalling shadows of the past,
From time we’ve been apart.

Your lips were cold, like polar ice;
Your veins, without a pulse.
An instant of depressive pause
Proved that your love was false!

I build up castles made of sand;
Its grains, dreams in a row!
But soon enough, the ocean’s hand
Sweeps them away with flow.

My mind full of unspoken words,
An echo of your silence.
My heart is broken, but stands still;
I live through love’s absence.

Immersed, in the eternal blue
Reflections of the sky,
I’ll wait; till rainbow’s brightest beam
Calls out my heart to fly!
Copyright ©2011 Despoina  / “Echo of your silence” /All Rights Reserved.

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  1. mmm...hard place to be heart break...effective use of the beach...the castles of sand and drawing with your toes...puts me in the moment...

  2. A very thought-provoking poem indeed.
    The bare feet drawing in the sand...nice...and the ending was hopeful.

  3. Really like the rhyme you wrote
    As it certainly has my vote
    Heart break can suck a lot
    As one is no longer hot to trot
    But with time things ease
    And hopefully someone better will come along making one weak in the knees

  4. Again beautiful and straight from your heart. Thank you for sharing your work Goddess :-)