Despoina - " Time goes by " Poem

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Time goes by

Poem by: Despoina 

A touch of silence fills my soul
I’m lost in the crowd, feeling alone.
I’m bound with thoughts that come and go,
Searching for just one hope to grow!

Recalling moments from the past,
The only thing that seems to last,
Is best known as the inner voice,
Reminding me my one last choice!

What made me change my point of view?
Well, that is relevant to you!
Again, I’m just about to cry,
Thinking of time that still goes by…

And all those years I’ve spent with you

What was the least that you could do?

You brought me tears, you gave me pain,

You’ve made my life to seem so vain.

 There are so many things that, now,
I want to do in life, somehow…
I've wasted my youth  standing by you,
Because your love was never true!

 I keep on walking, step by step.
It is the only thing that’s left!
As time goes by, it ain’t that rough!
At last, I feel I’m strong enough!
Copyright ©2011 Despoina  / “TIME GOES BY”/All Rights Reserved.

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  1. love your handling of the transition that takes place after a hard breakup. the passage of time it takes. . . and ty's for sharing. it's obvious you've been there done that before at some time :)

  2. Yes thanks for linking. I hope you enjoyed the article on rhyme. You've written this piece very well employing iambic tetrameter and mostly true rhymes. It's the story of woman, isn't it. Love, heartbreak, and strengthening to go on. Very well done. Gay

  3. i am glad you found freedom ont eh backside of that hard is hard for many...nice one shot

  4. As I mentioned on twitter, I like the tone of your piece. You wrote one I think many can relate to.

  5. beautiful...very nice

  6. We do get stronger with time....this captures that....a beautiful poem indeed. :-)

  7. I love that you ended in strength, its never too late. Beautifully orchestrated piece ~ Rose

  8. Μου αρέσει σχολιάζοντας στο μπλογκ καταγωγής γλώσσα. Ελπίζω μετάφρασή μου είναι σωστή

    Τι χάνετε δεν μπορείτε να πάρετε πίσω, υπάρχει πάντα μόνο είναι, κινείται προς τα εμπρός. Ευχαριστώ για την ανταλλαγή αυτή. Πολύ ανάδευση.

  9. Beautifully sad, but strong! I hope soon you will have wings and fly to the life you deserve.