Monday, May 12, 2014

I am an Artist

Poem by Debbie-T

I am an Artist

My voice sings
Lyrics colored of the rainbow


My glance travels  
amidst the clouds,
teasing raindrops,
chasing the smile of the Sun


My mind seeks,
wanders in wild dreams.


My soul
speaks the language of a child


My spirit 
knows no limit.

It Soars
like an Eagle,
over distant, blue, unknown seas.


I am an Artist

Dare me!
See if I can make you smile

Dare me!
See if I can make you cry

Dare me!
See if I can make you dream!

I am an Artist
there’s only one thing I can’t do,
-Even if you’d ask me-
and for that one,
my friend,
you should forgive me:
I really can not lie.


You see,
I am an Artist
I only wear a music symbol on my ear



Freedom is my Mother

She wears no clothes of fake impressions;
that’s why She taught me everything I need.


My Heart awakens,

My fingers:  
and Dancers;
Passionate performers
on Black and White keys.


 I am an Artist
There is no right or wrong
No terms about 
how to inspire others,
what Art is,
 or how it should be.


I’m walking barefoot,
expressing what I feel ,
with sounds, 
why not!


Some say:
'Beauty in Art is to be simple,
no matter how hard that seems to be…'


My clock is ticking
Counting time with music…

You’d like to come and join me?
Feel free to have some fun!


I have to go;
I have no time to please applauders
I do not care for flatterers
or criticism.
Well, I dare say that actually 
I do not give a damn!


You may think I’m weird,
or crazy?
Oh, that’s the greatest compliment, merci!


You see,
I am an Artist
My Art’s not just a purpose…
Far more than this…
It is the Oxygen I breathe.

Original photo and poetry©Debbie-T.
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The Charmer-Poem by Debbie-T


The charmer
Poem by Debbie-T

Whose hands caressed you?
Whose eyes embraced you?
Whose thoughts possessed you,
in the silence of the night?

Whose thumbs you’re tracing?
Whose smile you’re chasing?
Whose name lingers,
in the lockers of your mind?

Whose passion dared you?
Whose sixteenths tamed you?
Who bared the vibrant,
coppered  layers of your core?

Whose Prelude thrilled you?
Whose Caprice stirred you?
Whose Gigue consumed
the primal essence of your soul?

photo and poetry©Debbie-T

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Project3 in the making

Debbie-T "Mission Delta"
You can hear more of this track at:

"Mission Delta" © Debbie-T  

"Mission Delta" ©Despoina Theodoridou All Rights Reserved.

" True Friends do these things "

Monday, October 8, 2012

  "True Friends do these things"

By: Despoina

~True Friends do these things~

They come when you least expect them, to remind you that you’re not alone.

They share their deepest thoughts, fears, and dreams with you,  because they trust you.

They scold you when you think or act stupid, because they hate to see you suffer.

They tell you the truth, good or bad.

True Friends check to see how you’re doing, because they care.

They know whether you’re not well, because they can feel it.

They call you at 3am, when you’re sleepless, to comfort you.

True friends do these things...

True Friends accept all your flaws, because nobody’s perfect.

They hear your silence, because it speaks louder than words.

They tell you silly jokes to make you smile, because your sadness saddens them more.

They get drunk with you, just because.

True Friends  hold your hand, in every possible way, even from afar.

They forgive you even when you hurt them,   because they love you.

They like your inner child, because it’s genuine. 

True Friends do these things... 

True Friends give their all to you, because you deserve to be happy.

True Friends accept you as you are.

"True Friends do these things"- Copyright ©2012 Despoina Theodoridou-All Rights Reserved.

" I’m not a poet "

Sunday, August 12, 2012

“I’m not a poet”

I’m not a poet
I'm just honest with my soul
If you know me
Read between the lines in my eyes
Trace the missing vowels
On the edges of my lips

I’m not a poet
For no ink can dare me
And I have no ink to drip

And when this space bitters me
With midnight dancing doubts
A page seems too little
to fill with rhymes and bounds

I, then, pull up a chair and sit at my veranda
Staring at the distant full moon
And he stares right back
Sending his silver moonbeam
Deep in my brown eyes
He grins and steals my kiss
In midnight's silent breeze

I hum a known  melody
and light a scented candle
I lay in stars'  embrace
with their reflections twinkle shades on my face

Their light caress my shoulders
and then I miss a sigh, whispering:
I am not a poet
I'm just honest with my soul

Copyright © Despoina Theodoridou 2012/”I’m not a poet”/All Rights Reserved

"Lola, the lonely doctor"

You can buy my children Book: "Lola, the lonely doctor"


Every living being on this planet
is unique and gifted in its own way,
with its own abilities. This is why we
must never underestimate or despise
anyone. A little skunk, through her
generous love, gives a good lesson
to her friendly surrounding!

Read and excerpt from this book:
"....His hurt feet were healthy as before and the lion was happy again.
King Nikitas invited her over for a cup of tea in his den and offered her a bowl of  fresh-cut berries!

I owe you my gratitude, I owe you my respect!
Tell me, how can I repay you for your great help?
What is it your service requires?
What is it that your heart desires?

And when little Lola entrusted him with the only problem burdening her heart, he said:
Don’t be upset, Lola, I’ll work my mind,
and I promise you: a solution I will find!

King Nikitas said and showed his friend the way out.
Indeed! The King sent the monkey right away to alert all the animals of the forest:

Hear hear hear, all the way to the border,
our dearest King’s new order:
There’ll be in the evening an important meeting!
Go ahead and guess, all of us are guests!
We are meeting at the plane tree to hear,
hear His Majesty's words and cheer.
Absences are not accepted, but being met with much dislike:
forbidding of food and trips alike!
Meet you there tonight, make sure you behave right.
There is room for no disorder in our King’s the great order!

When all the animals were gathered, the proud King, the lion, also showed up ".......

Despoina ~ “Printemps Amour”

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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“Printemps Amour”
Poem by: Despoina

She comes around; from distant land
Visits once in a year
She sings the lied of newborn world
That all would love to hear

With long brown hair and crimson lips
And dimples in her cheeks
A creature of the mystic world
She always looks quite 'chic'

Her dress is made of silk and lace
Her shoes of fine pink satin
Her pace ethereal, light and slow
The breath of Sunday’s ‘matin’

The morning sun adorns her skin
The river fondles her feet
The lonely branches standing nude
Yearn for her tender treat

The almond trees carry her kiss
That makes them swell and bloom
Shy meadows blush in poppies red
And Hyacinths wear perfume

Her orchard filled with strawberries
Where finches sing: “Bonjour!”
Her wardrobe, full plumed woven lilies
Her name: “Printemps Amour”

© Copyright 2012 Despoina   “Printemps amour” All Rights Reserved.

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